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Bob Modaff

A 1992 graduate of the Ohashi Institute in New York City, Bob has been helping people to move their ki energy for over 25 years, practicing and teaching in New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis. He started ThreeSmoothStones center for shiatsu, meditation and yoga in 1998 in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, but ran off to South America in 2013, abandoning friends, clients and colleagues. He apologizes sincerely for skipping out, and looks forward to connecting and reconnecting with his fellow Minnesotans through the healing art of shiatsu, now available in English or Spanish.


Sessions are performed on a large futon with recipients wearing loose comfortable clothing. Each session lasts between 75 and 90 minutes and the fee is $85 for a single session or $375 for a package of 5 sessions  (sales tax included).  For more information about the benefits of shiatsu, please email Bob at: bob@3smoothstones.com 

Kevin Coughlin

Kevin Coughlin has been practicing shiatsu since 1999, and studied at  both the Ohashiatsu Center in Minneapolis and Ohashiatsu Chicago. He brings over twenty years of yoga study to his work with moving and balancing Ki, which is also understood as prana. He is available  Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays by appointment. Kevin can be reached at 651-528-2347 or emailed at welcometouchshiatsu@gmail.com.

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Three Smooth Stones

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Three Smooth Stones

3011 36th Ave S, Suite 4, Minneapolis, MN 55406, US

(612) 584 0880