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3336 East 25th Street

Minneapolis, MN 55406



From Interstate 94: Take the Riverside/25th Ave exit. If coming from the east, make a sharp left turn onto Riverside Avenue.  If coming from the west, go two stoplights to Riverside Avenue (it's the one on a diagonal), and turn right.  Take Riverside to Franklin Avenue (at the Seward Coop) and turn left.  Go to the next stoplight, 31st Avenue South, and turn right. Take 31st Ave five blocks to 25th Street (a stoplight) and turn left. Go five blocks, past the Birchwood Cafe, to 34th Avenue South. ThreeSmoothStones is at the corner of 34th Avenue South and 25th Street. 


From 35W: From the south, take 35W to 94 East, once on 94, get into the right lane as soon as possible and exit at Riverside/25th Avenue and follow the directions above. If coming from the north, exit at Hiawatha and take Hiawatha to 26th Street East (first stoplight). Turn left onto 26th Street and travel about 12 blocks to 34th Avenue South. Turn left and go one block to 25th Street. ThreeSmoothStones is located at the corner of 25th Street and 34th Avenue South.


From St. Paul: Cross either the Marshall, Franklin, or Ford Parkway Bridges and take West River Road to 25th Street East. At the stop sign, turn onto 25th Street (only one way to turn, the Mississippi River is on the other side). Take 25th Street to 34th Avenue South. We are at the corner of 34th Avenue and 25th Street.


From Downtown Minneapolis: Take 8th Street (Highway 55, Hiawatha Avenue) east/south until it turns into Hiawatha. Take Hiawatha to the stop sign at East 26th Street. Turn left and take 26th Street to 34th Avenue South. Turn left on 34th Avenue, go one block north to 25th Street. We are at the corner of 34th Avenue and 25th Street.


Please note: It is easy to get lost in the Seward neighborhood. It is located south of Franklin Avenue and north of Lake Street. Please take careful note of avenues and streets. There are two avenues that offer uninterrupted access to all streets:  36th Avenue and 31st Avenue. The railroad cuts through the neighborhood, blocking off many of the streets. If you get lost, make your way to one of these avenues and take it to 25th Street.

ThreeSmoothStones is available for workshops and weekly classes. Daily, hourly and monthly rates can be obtained by calling 612-729-9549 (ex 2).

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